New Aloha Stadium

When will New Aloha Stadium open?

New Aloha Stadium is scheduled to open in September 2023

What’s Going On Right Now?

The Hawaiʻi State Department of Accounting and General Services is developing a Request for Qualifications. They plan to finish it this month, then send it to prospective developers.

What Will New Aloha Stadium Look Like?

New Aloha Stadium will be much smaller than the current Aloha Stadium. The existing stadium seats 50,000. New Aloha Stadium will seat about 30,000.

The new stadium will be surrounded by apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, and a park. This video from Crawford Architects, a master planning consultant, shows three potential concepts for the new Stadium neighborhood.

Why Are We Building A New Aloha Stadium?

The current Aloha Stadium is old and deteriorating. We taxpayers spend money every year — $20 million in 2020 — just to keep it safe. Those costs won’t go away. Also, all of the land around the stadium is just an empty parking lot most days of the year.

Elected lawmakers decided that a better use of our land and money would be to build a new, smaller stadium, and add homes and shops to the mix that are used year-round.

How Much Will New Aloha Stadium Cost?

The total cost for New Aloha Stadium has yet to be determined. The project will include not only the stadium, but building homes, retail spaces, and other amenities on the 96 acres that make up the existing stadium site.

Who’s Paying For New Aloha Stadium?

State taxpayers and the developer of New Aloha Stadium are sharing the cost of the project. The state has already committed to a $350 million contribution toward the cost. Most of this is in bonds ($330 million). $20 million is a straight cash contribution.

The developer will be responsible for building and maintaining New Aloha Stadium — which is sure to cost a lot more than $350 million.

So why will the developer want to pay the extra amount? Because they get something in return — permission to develop the land around the stadium, and get all the revenue from selling/leasing/renting the homes and retail spaces they build.

This type of arrangement is called a “public/private partnership”. It’s become fairly common with large projects like this one.

Who’s In Charge Of The Project?

Three different state agencies share responsibility for New Aloha Stadium.

Ultimately, the Stadium Authority is responsible for the project. This organization is made up of nine folks who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. It’s more of an oversight committee than a full-time working agency, so two other state agencies are doing most of the work.

The Department of Accounting & General Services – Public Works Division oversees most state construction projects. They are preparing the Request for Qualifications, which will establish the criteria for potential developers of the stadium. 

The Hawaiʻi Community Development Authority oversees the development of state-owned land in Kakaako and Kalaeloa. They will prepare the Request for Proposal, which will go to qualified developers.